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Be Well Retreats

Anyone can go on a vacation but not every vacation helps you elevate your inner wisdom, reclaim your physical prowess, reignite your passion for your dreams and return home with a renewed connection to your truest self. Be Well Retreats do just that and more.

Each carefully crafted retreat offers opportunities to:

  • Connect with and enjoy beautiful natural surroundings; the ocean, the forest, the desert…
  • Enjoy delicious, beautiful, healthy, gourmet foods
  • Experience quiet time alone connecting with deep relaxation and inner peace
  • Participate in wonderful physical activities that make your body feel healthy and strong
  • Engage with other awesome like-minded women having meaningful conversations and connections
  • Experience super fun and amazingly inspirational workshop sessions on topics that speak directly to your life and goals.
  • Embrace the power of personal transformation as you access your higher self.

Sanoviv Health Retreat

Whether you are looking for treatment for a serious disease, a Detox & Rejuvenation Program, a comprehensive Integrative Physical, or just a Healthy Get-Away, Sanoviv Medical Institute is the place to come. The beautiful, spotless facility is suited for all kinds of guests. Our striking ocean views, beautifully appointed buildings, manicured gardens and sparkling pools, as well as our caring staff, offer an environment for peaceful, restful enjoyment as well as mind/body healing.

Red Mountain Resort

Rejuvenate ~ Discover ~ Transform

Join other extraordinary women in this remarkable immersive experience to rejuvenate, discover and traverse your inner landscape, and transform your life countless positive ways.